Free online poker bonuses

Free online poker bonuses
It’s not necessary to invest your own money to play online poker. With a free online poker bonus you will receive extra money. All online poker websites offer these bonuses. It is an easy way to start your poker career without risk.
Online poker bonuses are very lucrative. On every website there are several hundreds of dollars in bonuses. Sometimes even more. Which types of free online poker bonuses exist?No deposit poker bonus
The first type of free poker bonus is the no deposit bonus. For this type of bonus it’s not necessary to deposit any money into your account. The online poker website just gives you a little bit of real money to play poker with.
This type of bonus is interesting for everybody that plays poker online. It is especially good for beginners. Usually, the amount of money is not very high. But this doesn’t matter, because it is a present.
888Poker gives new players a welcome bonus of $8. If you open an account, you will receive the money instantly. Click here.
There are more ways to receive free poker money.Deposit bonus
A deposit bonus is the best way to receive a lot of free poker money. You start with making a deposit into your account. If you do this you receive a bonus amount. Often, the website will at least double your deposit amount. When you start playing with real money, you will automatically begin to release your bonus. In some cases, you have to enter a special bonus code when you make your deposit. Always read the instructions that the website gives you.
When you deposit more, you will get more bonus money. Your bonus amount will usually be 100% of your deposit amount. This means that your bonus will be $500 when you deposit $500.
Titan Poker offers a very big bonus. When you open an account, you will receive a 200% bonus with a maximum of $2.000 on your first deposit. Click here.
To receive your bonus you need to meet certain rules. This usually means you have to collect a number of points by playing poker. You must always read the bonus conditions, for how many points you must collect.
Don’t forget, these points can also be exchanged for money. They can be used to buy tournament tickets or other gifts. Some websites also allow you to exchange the points for even more cash.Which poker bonus is the best?
How do you decide which online poker bonus is the best for you? First of all: any type of free bonus money you can get is good. All the websites offer bonuses. This means there is much free money available for you.
We advise you to open accounts on different sites. This way you can experience several online poker rooms and find out which one you like best. At the same time you can earn a large amount of free bonus poker money.
When you have no money to invest, start with a no deposit bonus. This way you can get free poker money without any risk.
Choose a deposit bonus, when you already have some money to spend. This way, you can really earn thousands of dollars in free poker money.Transfer your bonus money with Neteller
When you are playing at different pokersites, you will need a reliable online wallet to transfer your money between pokersites. We recommend Neteller as a free and fast website for all your financial transactions between pokersites. Click here.

The best fast-fold poker games and bonuses

The best fast-fold poker games and bonuses
One of the most popular kinds of online poker are fast-fold poker games. These games offer a lot of action for poker players. They are available in both tournament and cash game format. Usually the game is No limit Hold’em poker, but there are also fast Pot limit Omaha games.One cool aspect of fast-fold poker games is that they allow you to unlock bonuses at a very high speed. But before we come to that, let’s answer an important question.What are fast-fold poker games?
In a fast-fold poker game, you never have to wait if you decide you don’t want to play a hand. As you might already know, some card combinations in poker are better than others. For this reason you have to fold quite a lot in poker. This can become very boring after a while. To solve this problem, fast-fold poker games were invented.
In a normal poker game, you play every hand with the same players. In fast-fold poker games, you are part of a larger group of players. Sometimes these groups consist of several hundreds of players. As long are you are playing a hand, you will stay at your table. But whenever you fold, you are immediately taken away from the table.Now you are back in the player pool. At a very high speed, all players who have just folded are put together at a new table. There a new hand begins, and you again have the option to play or fold. Many tables are running all at once, and they are constantly being mixed.
The coolest part of all this, is that you can fold before it is your turn. You remain visible at the table for other players, and they will see you fold, but in reality you have already moved on to the next hand at a new table.The best fast-fold poker games
Many different online poker websites now offer fast-fold poker games. They are all fundamentally the same, but there are also important differences. The difference can be the kind of games that are offered, but also how high the bonus is that you can get.
In our opinion, the four games below meet those criteria in the best way imaginable. They all offer good software and have enough unique features to make them worthwhile. What’s more, they offer seriously good bonus opportunities. To unlock bonuses and earn other rewards, you have to collect points. In a fast-fold poker game, you can earn these points much faster than at regular tables, because you can play much more hands.
So if you like free money, you should definitely check out these recommendations. Now, let’s have a look at the best fast-fold poker games.
Fast Poker – UnibetWith Fast Poker, Unibet offers both fast Hold’em and Omaha games. You can play games with different amounts of players. A nice feature is that you do not have to download the software to start playing Fast Poker. Simply go the website, create an alias, and start playing for free.Another great feature that Fast Poker offers is the Loyalty program. Simply by playing, you automatically collect points, and these points can be exchanged for cash. The first bonuses come very quickly, and the more you play the higher they will be, up to many thousands of euros.
Click here to play Fast Poker, offered by Unibet » »
Speed Hold’em – Titan PokerOne of our favourite fast-fold poker games is Speed Hold’em, offered by Titan Poker. Again, you will find both No limit Hold’em and Pot limit Omaha cash games here. You can play up to four levels at the same stake level at the same time.What’s great about Speed Hold’em, is that it helps you to unlock the huge bonuses and rewards that Titan Poker offers. It starts with a $2.000 deposit bonus for new players, and every month you can add much more free cash to that with the Titan VIP Club. You collect points by playing, and at the Speed Hold’em tables you collect these points a lot faster than at regular tables.
Click here to play Speed Hold’em, offered by Titan Poker »
FastForward Poker – PartyPokerIf you like to play an extremely fast heads-up game, then FastForward Poker by PartyPoker is the game for you. Like most other fast-fold poker games, FastForward Poker offers both Omaha and Hold’em games. But besides games with nine players and six players, you can also play heads-up. It doesn’t get much faster than this.By playing FastForward Poker, you collect PartyPoints the same way as you would at a regular table. Only you will be collecting them a lot faster, meaning you will also earn the PartyPoker bonuses faster. You can get up to 500 dollars just by depositing and starting to play, and every month you can earn up to 30 percent of your rake back.
Click here to play FastForward Poker, offered by PartyPoker »
Zoom Poker – PokerStarsOur final recommendation for good fast-fold poker games is Zoom Poker, offered by PokerStars. This is not only one of the first games of its kind, but it is also one of the most complete. Besides Omaha and Hold’em, Zoom Poker also includes Draw poker games. Another great feature of Zoom Poker is that you can also play tournaments and Sit & Go’s in the fast-fold poker style. The games are also available for your smartphone or tablet.PokerStars offers a 600 dollars deposit bonus for new players, which you will unlock a lot faster by playing Zoom Poker. They also offer many rewards for both casual and regular players.
Click here to play Zoom Poker, offered by PokerStars »

Play 3D online poker

Play 3D online poker
One of the most exciting versions of online poker is 3D poker. In this unique take on the classic game, the action really pops out of your screen. You actually have a stack of chips, and your opponents are literally sitting across the table from you. If you play 3D poker online, it’s almost like the real thing.
There are not a whole lot of websites that offer 3D poker games. Well, there are games, but most of them can’t be played for real money.But there are some good exceptions. In fact, at the online poker rooms that we are about to introduce to you, you can play 3D poker and earn free money at the same time.3D poker at 888 Poker
At 888 Poker, you’ll find the kind of 3D poker game that is similar to a 3D movie. Without 3D glasses, the table will seem blurry, but put them on, and everything you see will get that extra dimension.It’s not just the table that suddenly comes to life. Chips, avatars and buttons have all gotten a 3D treatment for these special games. Everything combined, it creates an exciting new playing environment, which maintains all the strong points of regular games at 888 Poker.
Millions of players have already chosen 888 Poker as their 3D online poker home, and if you join them, a lot of free money could be coming your way.We can offer a special 100% up to $700 first deposit bonus, which is almost twice as much as you’ll find elsewhere. To receive this bonus, use this link to open an account, and start playing regular or 3D poker games for real money.
Based on your country of residence, you could also receive $8 free playing money upon opening an account. Details can be found on the website.
Click here to play 3D Poker at 888 Poker.3D poker at PKR
If you don’t want to wear 3D glasses while playing online poker, PKR is your best alternative for a 3D poker game. At PKR, you become part of an enormous 3D poker world, with a large variety of playing environments, and endless possibilities to design and control your poker avatar.The 3D playing environments at PKR allow you to choose any camera position you like. You can really sit down in your own chair, and follow all the action around you like you would in a real poker game.
Because PKR puts so much emphasis on the graphics and game experience, it is the favourite online poker room for many recreational players. This means that the overall skill level of your opponents is very low, and that means it’s relatively easy to win money in this poker room.You can earn even more easy money with the customized welcome bonus. After you open your free account, choose your bonus based on how much you intend to play. The highest bonus is 125% up to $500. Details are on the website.
Click here to play 3D poker at PKR.Two 3D poker accounts
With an account at these two poker websites, you’ll have access to the most advanced 3D online poker games. We recommend opening an account at both sites, in order to check out for free which 3D style you like the most.Furthermore, having accounts at both sites means that you can benefit from two welcome bonuses, which means more free money.

Unibet Casino review

Unibet Casino review    Features: 250+ Casino games, Instant play online, Download casino, Live Dealer casino, Casino tournaments    Bonus: 100% first deposit bonus up to €100    For bonus details, see the website »    Rewards: Players Club Loyalty Program, Special promotions    Supported currencies: EUR, USD, CAD, GBP, CHF, PLN, CZK, BGN, RON, HUF, HRK, LTL, LVL, DKK, SEK, NOK, BRL    Supported languages: English, German, Dutch, Spanish, French, Italian, Portugese, Greek, Turkish, Russian, Polish, Czech, Bulgarian, Romanian, Hungarian, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian    Other products: Poker, Bingo, Scratch cards, Skill games, Sports betting    Casino licence: Malta, Alderney
Try Unibet Casino now for free. No download needed, and no deposit required. Click here »
Unibet Casino has one of the largest selections of casino games online. The casino lobby is split up into two casinos, Casino Red and Casino Black, both with more than 100 different casino games to choose from.
Unibet also offers a wide variety of skill games, where you can compete against other players. You can take on your friends in games like backgammon, mahjong, yahtzee, solitaire, or blackjack, and you can even play a round of golf, table tennis, or car racing. Most of these games are also offered in tournament format, where getting a larger score than all the other players will be rewarded with big prizes.
The biggest casino tournaments can also be found at Unibet Casino. You can compete in several casino tournaments each day, which consist of one or more games. A separate tournament lobby can be accessed by downloading the Unibet Casino software.
Every bet you place at Unibet Casino earns you Players Club Points, which can be exchanged for casino cash at any time.
After you open an account at Unibet Casino, you will automatically also have free access to other Unibet products like Poker, Bingo, Skill games, and of course the sports betting section, which is the largest online bookmaker in Europe.
You can try all the games at Unibet Casino for free on the website, you don't need to open an account first. So take a free look by following this link: Click here »
Unibet Casino Screenshots

Deposit methods for Unibet Casino

Deposit methods for Europa Casino

Europa Casino review
Features: 180+ Casino games, Instant play online, Download casino, Live dealer casino, Multiplayer casino games, Scratch cards    Bonus: 100% up to €100 first deposit bonus, and a total of €2.400 in deposit and loyalty bonuses in the first year.    For bonus details, see the website »    Rewards: Weekly loyalty bonuses, VIP Club, Comp Points for cash    Supported currencies: EUR, USD, GBP, CAD, AUD, CHF, DKK, SEK, NOK    Supported languages: English, German, Dutch, Spanish, French, Italian, Portugese, Greek, Russian, Polish, Czech, Romanian, Hungarian, Danish, Swedish    Casino licence: Antigua and Barbuda
Try Europa Casino now for free. No download needed, and no deposit required. Click here »
Europa Casino is a well established name in the online casino world, and a trusted place to play for many players throughout the years.You can play many of the games at Europa Casino directly on the website, but if you download the Europa Casino software, you will have more than 200 games to choose from, including the popular live dealer casino.
New players at Europa Casino are welcomed with a 100% up to €100 first deposit bonus, and a total of €2.400 in deposit and loyalty bonuses in the first year. Full details can be read on the Europa Casino website.
You should also make sure to use bonus code ECFREETEN for another 10% extra bonus on your first deposit.
High rollers receive special treatment at Europa Casino, starting with the first deposit bonus. If you deposit €1.000 or more, you will receive a €500 bonus, and an instant membership to the exclusive VIP Club.
And finally, if you make your deposits with the online wallet of Skrill / Moneybookers, you will get an extra 15% bonus, on top of the bonuses you will already receive. And if you make your first deposit with this deposit method, your first deposit bonus will increase to 125% up to €100.If you don't have an account at Skrill, you can open one for free by following this link: Click here »
All players will be rewarded with comp points that can be exchanged for cash, and weekly loyalty bonuses, which are customized for you, based on your recent playing history with Europa Casino.
If you like to make casino trips around the world, make sure to visit the Europa Casino website to check out their European City Travel Guide, with gives you valuable information about major European countries and cities, the land-based casinos that can be found there, and a whole lot more.You can find the Travel Guide as well as a free taste of the casino games, by following this link: Click here »

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Mobile poker applications

Mobile poker applications
Not so long ago poker existed only inside the casino. After this it became very popular to play online on your computer or laptop. And now the online revolution is complete with mobile poker applications. With these applications, you can play online poker on your smarpthone or tablet. All you need is an internet connection. Most poker websites develop their mobile applications for the Android operating system, but we will also tell you how you can play online poker on your iPhone or iPad.
What are the best mobile poker applications? In this article we introduce some of the most popular ones to you. All of these applications can be used for free. All of them have different features. Our advice is to try different applications to find out which one you like the most.
To try out the applications for free, simply click on the download links.Unibet Mobile
Unibet Mobile is a poker application for Android. Here you can play cash games against all the players that play at the regular version of Unibet. This website is part of the Microgaming Network, which means that there are always many opponents available. It is not possible to play tournaments or Sit & Go’s. The design is simple, and this application is very easy to install and use. You can choose to play for free, but there is also a real money version.
If you make a deposit with real money, you can get a deposit bonus up tot 500 dollars. The cashier is integrated with Unibet Mobile, so you will not have to download the regular software first. When you play, you also collect points for the Unibet Poker Club. These points can be exchanged for cash.
Click here to download the Unibet Mobile application »PartyPoker for Android
Another good option for Android users is PartyPoker. This is one of the largest poker websites in the world. The PartyPoker application for Android offers regular cash games and FastForward poker. This is a very fast version of poker. Every time you fold, you automatically go to the next hand. This feature is very suitable for poker on your smartphone or tablet, because you can get a lot of action at just one table.
One good thing to know is that this application does not have a cashier. For withdrawing and depositing money you need to use the regular version of PartyPoker. You can download this version here.Use the quick seat lobby to find a game immediately when you start the program. You can choose a free game, but it is also possible to play for real money. You can get a bonus op to 500 dollars when you make your first deposit.
Click here to download the PartyPoker for Android application »888Poker Android app
Another great mobile online poker application is the 888Poker Android app. Like all the software at this page, the 888Poker Android app is completely free. With this application you can play No Limit hold’em cash games, but it is also possible to play Sit & Go’s. You can also use it to bet on sports.888Poker is a popular poker website and a pioneer in online poker technology. The quality of the application proves this again. All options are available in the free version, but real money play is also available. You can get up to 400 dollars in bonus money if you deposit money into your account for the first time.
Click here to download the 888Poker Android app »PKR 3D Poker
One of the visually most stunning poker applications comes from PKR. The desktop version of this online poker room is graphically unparalleled, and the mobile version is no exception. PKR 3D Poker for the iPhone and iPad offers an immense amount of options.You can play in 20 different 3D environments, and there are 40 unique avatars to choose from. Just like in the regular version, you can control the emotions and actions of your personal playing figure. There are many different camera angles, you can chat, and the players and the dealers talk. This application basically has most of what the original PKR version also has, and that is a pretty neat achievement.
PKR 3D Poker can be played for free, but playing for real money against players all over the world is also possible. Besides No Limit hold’em, you can also choose for Pot Limit Omaha and Omaha Hi/Lo. If you are new at PKR, you can collect up to 500 dollars in bonus money.
Download the PKR 3D Poker application at the PKR website »PokerStars Mobile
PokerStars is the biggest online poker site in the world. With PokerStars Mobile it is possible to access this number one website from your mobile device. Our final suggestion has much to offer.PokerStars offers the only application in our list which is available for both Androind and the iPad and iPhone. It is also the only application where you can play tournaments, Sit & Go’s and cash games. You can play up to five tables at the same time. Here you can also find Zoom Poker, the fast poker version with a lot of action. Use the quick seating option to choose your favourite game instantly.
PokerStars is famous for its wonderful software. PokerStars Mobile is no exception to this. Use the download link below to try out this application for free. Playing for real money is also possible. Then you can get a deposit bonus up to 600 dollars.
Click here to download PokerStars Mobile »
To find out what the exact system requirements for each application are, visit the websites for more information.

Governor of Poker 2 online game

Governor of Poker 2 online game review
One of the most popular online games is Governor of Poker 2. This free game is about more than just playing poker. It is your goal to become the richest poker player in Texas. Your objective is also that playing poker will not be made illegal by the governor. Read more in this description of “Governor of Poker 2″.Getting started
“Governor of Poker 2″ is the improved version of its predecessor Governor of Poker. In this second version of the game, the graphics and artificial intelligence have improved. There are also a lot more possibilities for you as poker player. It is more than a game of poker.
When the game starts you can choose the name of your character. You can choose to play as a man or a woman. By picking the color for your clothes you can make your character more personal. Another good option is that you can set the difficulty level. Choosing the professional version is more of a challenge for experienced poker players. It will also let you score more points.Playing the game
Then the game can start. You begin in the town of El Paso. Here you can walk around, visit houses, and talk to people. All towns in the game are like this. You can use the train to travel between cities. Before you can travel to the next town, you must achieve certain goals in every city.
The way to get further in the game is to play poker. There are cash games and tournaments. Both types play very much like a normal game of poker. The cards are randomly distributed. For people who are new to poker, there is also a tutorial.
Playing Texas Hold’em Poker in “Governor of Poker” is an entertaining experience. The other players can have different emotions. By having luck, or showing your cards, you can change their mood. This influences how they play. This gives you more tactical opportunities. Just like in a real game of poker.Build your fortune
With playing poker you can earn points, medals and money. Sometimes it is even possible to win something like a gold mine in a game of poker. You can use your profits to buy things like new clothes and houses.
Owning a bank or a bar is an investment. Every day you will get some income from these businesses. This way you start to build your fortune. If you make smart decisions, you can become the richest person in Texas.
If you need some money, you can also sell your houses. When the poker games go very bad you can even go to the bank to loan money. But when you do this it is not possible to buy new houses. You can use a conservative strategy. But gamblers can also choose to risk their whole fortune in one poker game.
Having good results in the poker game is also necessary to convince the governor that poker is a game of skill, and not a game of chance. If you succeed in this, you have won. This political element adds an interesting extra layer to the game.Conclusion
“Governor of Poker 2″ is one of the most popular free online games for a good reason. The mix of poker and conquering the state of Texas is unique. It will easily keep you playing for several days. And the best thing is that “Governor of Poker 2″ is completely free to play.
You can get started immediately. Just click below to start playing the game.

Play online strip poker for free

Play online strip poker for freeOn this page you can play an online strip poker game for free. Beat your opponent, and she will have to take off all her clothes for you.
In this game you play against Brooke Lima. Do you want to see everything of this sexy girl? All you have to do, is defeat her at a game of strip poker. As you can see, she is not wearing many clothes now, but if you play your cards right, she will have to take off everything.You can see Brooke without clothes when you win all her money. The poker game you play is Five Card Draw. Every hand, you have the possibility to replace your cards, and there are two betting rounds. Just click on the game to get started.Follow this link for the full game »Play more strip poker games
Go to this website for many more naughty games, like strip-poker, strip-blackjack, virtual dating, and many more.
On her personal website, you also have the opportunity to play more games with Brooke Lima. There she will show even more of herself than in the strip poker game on this page. In these games you can take her out on a romantic date, and do a lot more… Click here »Free money for playing poker
Would you like to get free poker money to play with online? If you decide to play at 888Poker, you will receive 8 dollars instantly. You don’t need to deposit your own money. When you open an account, the 8 dollars will automatically be sent to your account.
Click here to get your 8 dollars free on 888Poker »Free sexy strippers for your computer desktop
It is possible to get sexy strippers on your computer desktop without playing strip poker. At VirtuaGirl, there are more than 1200 strippers to choose from. You only have to download the free software to watch all the beautiful girls. They will give you a private show on your computer screen.
Click here to download VirtuaGirl »
Play online strip poker for freeAll private shows are at least thirty minutes long. When you open your free account at VirtuaGirl, you will be able to watch as many private shows as you want. More than 19 million other people have tried VirtuaGirl before you. Click here to try VirtuaGirl, and you will understand why all those other people also have this sexy software on their computer.
Click here for a free demo »
Click here to choose your favorite girls »

Casino no deposit bonus

Casino no deposit bonus
Do you want to play in an online casino without risking your own money? Don’t just deposit your hard-earned money onto the first casino you find. There really is no need to invest your own cash. What you want is a bonus that does not require a deposit. Free money to get you started. In this article we give you a detailed explanation of the casino no deposit bonus.
Need a bonus right now? Open an account at Titan Casino and go to their promotions page to see which no deposit bonus they are currently offering. Titan is known for offering the largest bonuses of all the casinos.What is a no deposit bonus?
A no deposit bonus is an easy way for you to receive free betting money. They come in different shapes and sizes. In all cases the casino offers a new player free credit to play with. Sometimes this money can be used for all the products the casino offers. In other cases you are limited to one particular game. Every player can get a casino no deposit bonus. You too.
An example of a no deposit bonus is five free bets at a roulette table. It can also be free $10 that you can spend anywhere the casino. In other cases you will get 20 free spins at a new slot machine the casino is keen to promote.
All these different bonuses have in common that they do not require you to deposit your own money. Naturally this is what makes the deal interesting for you. Because this means you are not risking your own money. A promising idea. But is there really no risk for you?Are no deposit bonuses really free?
The most important thing you should know is that it will never cost you money to use a no deposit bonus.An online casino can never just take your money without permission. If you sign up and receive a bonus you will not get a bill later. It is possible to deposit your own money too. But you always have to authorize something like this first. And for a no deposit bonus you don’t even have to make a deposit.
This kind of bonus really is free money. We do advise you to always read the terms and conditions. A casino will give you the playing credit for free. You are also allowed to keep this money in your account to use as you choose. It is possible that the are rules for cashing out. In most cases you have to bet the money a certain amount of times before it becomes free to cash out. This is what the casino asks in return for what they have given you.
Is this a bad thing? Not if you ask us. You still get something out of this deal without risking anything. It is only natural that the casino gets something back for this. It is even necessary that there are conditions. Otherwise people would just sign up for the free money and cash it out. And then the casino would become bankrupt.How do I get a no deposit bonus for an online casino?
No deposit bonuses are often given to new players. To become a player at a casino you have to open an account. This is always free. Sometimes you need to type in a bonus code to receive the bonus. The site will mention this code on their promotion page.
An example of a website where you can open a free account like this is Unibet online casino. If you click that link you will be taken directly to their sign up page. After this go to their promotion page to see what kind of no deposit bonus they are currently offering. This is all free of charge.
How you receive your no deposit bonus depends on the casino you have chosen. Free money will usually be credited to your account automatically. It is also possible that you have to go to a certain page to claim it first. Free bets or spins should be available when you open up the game you can use them for. If you are not sure where your free money is, ask the support department of the site for help.
Another way to receive a no deposit is when you don’t use your account for a while. In these cases sites will try to get you interested again by offering you a personal deal. Although this is advertising, you can receive some pretty nice bonuses this way. Therefore always keep an eye on your e-mail inbox for deals like this, and make sure the casino e-mails don’t end up in your spambox.

Poker hand rankings

Poker hand rankingsOn this page we give you a list of all the five-card combinations you can make in poker. Although we name it poker hands, there are actually many casino games which use these hand rankings. But before we tell you more about those games, you can take a look at the hand rankings below. We advise you to add this page to your bookmarks. Especially when you are new to some of the casino games, it is very useful to look at these rankings when you are playing.
poker hand rankings Poker hand rankings
In a regular deck of cards, 52 cards are used. There are 4 colors, and all of them have 13 cards. They are called spades, hearts, clubs and diamonds. In most games where poker hands are used, all these groups have the same rank.Casino games that use poker hand rankings
These poker hand rankings are used in many online casino games. The first games that most people will think of are No Limit hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha. These popular poker games are played against other players, instead of the casino.In No Limit hold’em you receive two closed cards for yourself, and a maximum of five open cards that everyone can use. With these cards, you have to make your five card poker hand. Pot Limit Omaha is played in a similar way, but in this game you receive four closed cards.
Are you interested in playing these two poker games online? 888Poker gives you 8 dollars for free to play online poker. You will receive the bonus instantly when you open your account.
Click here to receive your free 8 dollars »
Another popular game which uses poker hand rankings is video poker. In video poker, you play against a machine. In this game you get paid for getting the best poker combinations. During the game, you can make strategical decisions to improve your chances of winning. A Royal Flush in this game usually means that you will get your bet back 800 times!You can play a free video poker game at Titan Casino. If you play for real money, you can get a up to 5.000 euros in bonus.
Click here to receive this big bonus »
Carribean Stud Poker is another game that uses the poker hand rankings which are shown on this page. In this game, your goal is to make a better poker combination than the casino does. How much you win, depends on the quality of your poker hand. You can also make a wager on a jackpot. Like this, you can win a huge amount of money when you make a Flush or better.
Unibet Casino is a good place to play casino games of poker online. They have many different free games available. Downloading the software is not necessary. You can also get a 100 euro bonus, when you start playing in the casino.
Click here to play poker games at Unibet Casino »